After the documentary

Living like the family in the documentary was not looking good. But as he said the important thing wasn’t about people following what they did. It’s about drawing attention and make people think about it. 

Many of the thing they were doing was kind of common in my country and many other country. Like having organic vegetables and fruits or doing hand wash laundry with not chemical but environmental friendly soup. etc. Also, saving energy is kind of serious because they have lack of energy and it is expensive. 

So for me it was really surprising that they were kind of making it a big deal. But what I see here in even our school they are using too much disposable products. I was horrified that they were so easily using it and I was wondering how much disposable product they throw away. Because back in Korea my only disposable products were maybe coffee cups(Even this I used tumblers a lot). 

And the scene when they lit the candles, I know many European country do it. Part of the reason is that there culture is they don’t like artificial light to be strong but also the tax is really high. 

I think this documentary was not wisely done because for me it looked horrifyingly inconvenient. Many environmental thing should be done with the government. I noticed that here, that never recycle. The structure has to be made so people can follow. This documentary can be a small movement but if the structure of the society isn’t following what it suppose to do, being environmentally friendly would have so many obstacles so people will tend to rely on convenient things. 

High tax of trash makes people make less trash and with that tax government can make the structure work better. Having too cheap mass produced food could be solved by regulation. I was really surprise that Walmart bread does’t go bad at all. Usually the bread should go bad in 3days. Also the milk expiration date is too long. I wonder how many chemical they put in. People can’t always consume organic food and can’t grow their fruits by their own. This is the reason why structure of the society is so important. 




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