Revisting the Cove in Taiji



I found this image after looking for a place to re-watch this movie. I had wanted to think and listen again to things and information. I saw this and wondered, that despite the fact the world has found out, it has not been stopped. Why is this?

The problems vary form dragging of political feet, laws, and legitimate economical problems. What would those fisherman do now? How many laws and feet that the Japanese work with would they be tripping on? How would it effect THEIR political relationships? Just as we have our trouble fixing our own laws, are they having the same troubles?

I by no means defend them, however I am just curious what has been done in the time since this documentary has been released? What should be done? Is there a punishment that should be ordered? Who would you go after? CEO’s or workers? Do those only doing their jobs deserve to be punished for doing something they have been doing for such a long time as part of their culture?

I have no answer, I am no politician. I do not have any real power in this situation, however, I wanted to remind everyone that when you act, things can get done. It seems to me very little has been done. In September 2010, the Sea Shepard crew set up a group to monitor and report on the situation there. You can read about it here:

Through the last few years, they have posted more videos and updates on the happenings of the Cove in Taiji, Japan. The most recent update was Just on October 27th, only 3 weeks ago! It seems the the slaughter has lessened the number of dolphins killed there. Progress is progress, yet is it enough?

-Ahkward / Kat Jackson


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