No Impact Man

Before I get into the film, when the topic of shameless profiting from the green movement came up in class, which unfortunately happens on some level, I recalled reading about these cleaning products from “Green-Works.” Essentially they’re just regular Clorox cleaning products dyed green. If nothing else, it’s just a reminder to research green products to make sure they’re really eco-friendly.




In No Impact Man, I liked how Schein mentioned that there are personal benefits to giving up some of things he and his family did, like television or restaurant food, originally for the sake of simply lessening his impact on the environment. Letting go of luxuries doesn’t have to mean living a lesser life.

One thing that may seem counter-intuitive is that in some ways it’s actually easier for Schein to lessen his impact on the environment than it is for most Americans, because he lives in big city. Giving up transportation that isn’t self-propelled for instance. rates New York City as a “walker’s paradise,” meaning most errands can be accomplished on foot with a matter of minutes. I think the infrastructure in American cities can be improved to make it more practical for walking. Even by improving public transportation we can cut back on the number of cars people use, which isn’t just better the environment but better for everyone’s pocket books. In the major Florida cities, like Miami and Tampa, it’s estimated that the average family spends over 50% of their annual income on their vehicles and transportation.


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