My Carbon Footprint

I wasn’t to surprised when the carbon calculator said my footprint was $360.00, that’s with living with my mom. We can’t really afford any of the new green appliances since they are very expensive. But we do not use much electricity and try to shut off all our lights when no in use, we use daylight as much as possible through out our house. We do how ever forget to unplug appliances when not in use sometimes. But all in all it wasn’t much of a shock to me.

At times I wish that the things that are better for the environment weren’t so expensive, and the things that damage the environment were expensive instead. For instance in Canada you have to pay money to use plastic bags instead of the paper ones or if you have your own cloth. In some other countries there are higher taxes on un-environmentally friendly products. I think that would be cool if we did that in America just to get things going, you know? 



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