Future of Fish

      The main reason that overfishing happens so much is due to the large profit that can be made from it. The demand for fish is high; about 75% of the worlds population relies on it. In 2010 the demand for fish was about 120 million tons per year. But how can we stop this overfishing? Future of Fish is a nonprofit organization that is helping fishermen try and get back to the time when the seafood industry was both profitable and not harmful to the environment. Basically, what they are trying to do is make it so that the attitudes and behaviors in the industry make it so that it is no longer profitable to overfish or to fish non-sustainably. They are even trying to reward sustainable behavior with better prices.

      The first thing they are trying to do is make information available to the consumers. They’re doing this by encouraging proper labels on fish.  According to them, most people don’t even know what fish they’re eating. Of course, this has to do with the fact that most fish in America is mislabeled. Until the market can properly label their products, it’s hard to do much about it.

      Future of Fish hopes to help people better manage the fish populations so as not to see species deteriorate under the high demand. Some scientist think that fisheries could be gone by 2050 due to the fact that large ocean fish have dropped 90% in population since the industrial revolution. Image


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