No Impact Man


I have to say that this documentary is super eye opening. I never really thought about everything that I buy and bring into my home that isn’t disposable or environmentally friendly. I never considered the packaging for items such as cheese and bags of romaine lettuce or the plastic bags in the produce section used to separate different kinds of apples or onions. I never really thought about toilet paper as “unsafe” for the environment. In today’s society, we are completely unaware how much we take from and harm the earth, and that’s what this documentary showed me. 

I was vegetarian for five years until my doctor suggested I should consider eating fish again. That quickly turned into this “well if I’m eating one kind of meat I might as well eat them all.” In the documentary, they talk about the impact of factory farming on climate change and on how its generally unhealthy. I did a lot of research before becoming vegetarian, and I was aware of all the things that go on in factory farming that make meat unsafe or unhealthy and the cruelty bestowed upon the animals. I however never really considered the traveling, packaging, and, I guess, industrial matters that make factory farming so awful. And after seeing the family make the change to going back to being vegetarian, I myself am thinking of making the switch yet again. 




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