No Impact Man

No Impact Man was a very wonderful piece of film to sit down and watch. Going through what the no-impact family did was something I’d much rather watch than go through myself to see the experience, that’s for sure. There are certain things about the whole ‘no impact’ lifestyle though that I always find a little hard to agree with. While air travel is bad .. really.. I would travel another way if I could, it is still really.. really necessary for a lot of important things in my own life. While this may be something that another person could easily give up, I have a number of very personal family related situations and relations that require plane travel for me to carry out. It may sound like a minor complaint, but the details lead into other reasons of why thats not. Things like this and other ‘modern marvels’ that are causing harm to the environment, however sad, have become so tightly knit into the average person’s life that destroying these conveniences would cause our way of living to ‘crumble’ in a sense. While these things are obviously not ‘necessary’ for survival and it’s quite clear that other countries live without any of these luxuries, it would be an impact if it were to happen at this very moment for the sake of the planet. Now, dont get me wrong- Im all for environmental aide. What the real problem is is finding a way to cause less or even /no/ impact but by being able to apply it to the way we live now. Little things in the No Impact Man film like the solar panels could really be implemented into something that made a difference for everyone while still keeping the integrity of the way we function in our societies and the world. While we are crippled, in a way, by the toxic lifestyles we crafted, we can also find a way to adapt change to what we have rather than going around shouting at people for causing impact and telling them to just ‘drop it all and get over it’.



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