Under Wraps

While watching No Impact Man, I started thinking about the things that he did that I could do too. One of the things that first struck me was how a lot of products we buy are all individually wrapped. You open a box of microwaveable mac n cheese and the noodles are in a separate pack from the powdered cheese. That’s three different containers for one product. Now being a college student living in a house and having to cook for myself, there are some types of food I’m not going to give up due to convince. But there are things like the separate mac n cheese that just have to go. But lets be honest, mac n cheese is delicious and I can’t totally give it up. So what are some alternatives to not only that, but other foods that are ridiculously over wrapped.

  • The farmers market is one of the best places to live a wrap free life. Take a canvas bag and you should be saving all the plastic.
  • If you’re at the grocery store buying fruits or vegetables, don’t use those plastic bags that they have sitting around. Take a reusable cloth bag and just put all your produce in it. There’s no need to separate the produce on the way home and if they get dirty, just wash them.
  • When buying food that comes in boxes, try and get the ones that use the least amount of plastic/cardboard. The mac n cheese has six individual packages with another package inside which is all inside another box. That’s 13 different containers. Instead, get the family size box and store leftovers in tuber ware containers.

I did find where, in some instances, separate wrapping is actually a good thing. When talking about raw meat, poultry, and seafood, a plastic bag between them might save you from harmful bacteria.



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