No Man Impact

This movie was pretty cool, I don’t think I could have giving up half of the things that this family gave.  I would have never been able to give up meat. I love meat… and I dont think I could live my life off of vegetable. Its impressive how the family was able to live their life like they did, but I don’t think a lot of people would be able to change there lives like the no impact family could. Not because its weird, because not a lot of parents work from home. The couple in the movie was able to work from home. A lot of families now a days work away from there homes, which would make this life change very difficult.  I found it interesting that even though Collin was trying to show the world that saving was possible; he got shot down by environmentalist, they where blaming him for doing things like not using toilet paper. I just think its interesting how people can be like that. Over all I think the movie was awesome and people should try to think about how we can save rather then waste.   









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