No Impact Man.

I found the film overall interesting, but the most interesting person out of it wasn’t the main guy. It was his wife. She had an actual story arch and evolved into a better person you could say. I at times felt bad for her, knowing she has never experienced anything like this before, she was a true city girl. Her husband expected her to be so into it. I rather liked that she was honest and really changed through out the movie. Whereas her husband I found to be sometimes arrogant and a little hard to relate to, even when he was being completely honest.

I found the overall experiment to be really awesome, but at times I was more or less thinking of how people out there live in much worse conditions and that we get used to the cozy I get whatever I want life. And that the way they were trying to live was like that of poorer people but with less harsh outside conditions. Then that made me think, well thats why people are so stubborn about trying to go green. I think at times people believe it means they have to live like a poor person, without any luxury, which is rather insulting. Because yes you may have to give up a little but in the end you get to do something that helps not only yourself but other people in the end that have to deal with your overconsumption. I do think though if you do it right people will join the movement, make solar panels look like cats to go on peoples roofs, make public transit more efficient and edgy, make environmentally safe things more readily available and start that with yourself, and then make it and distribute it. Basically used capitalism to your advantage.



2 thoughts on “No Impact Man.

  1. I also found his wife more relatable. It might be because she had normal human reaction to changes. He did become a little annoy throughout the film in all the interviews and t.v. programs. But without his idea and mission that year without impact would have not happened.

  2. I agree it was definitely more intriguing to see his wife’s process and i think that’s really what made us relate to how if it were us, how we’d as well feel/ that we take things for granted. But yeah, “use your capitalism yo your advantage!” haha

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