No Impact Man

No Impact Man was a very interesting film and overall I liked it a lot. I like the transformation of Michelle Conlin from a shopaholic, fast restaurant, New Yorker to being a bare necessities working mom. However I found several things a bit contradicting to each other. For example, he openly said no electricity and yet he does his blog post. However later on he gets a solar energy tab. I was curious about several things that  ound other comments on imdb website which is: pads and tampons. I guess she did like the old days of large cloths and where did they clean the diapers? Someone in my class openly said their parents used cloth diapers and cleaned them in the toilet and then into the washer machine. If I ever have children I’m thinking of doing that. But from what I heard of the old days of pads for the ladies is pretty bad. I’m also curious about what they used instead of toilet paper, what did they use? From the old days, people used leaves and stuff, (very organic don’t you think?) It made me look at my world a different way in how much I spend my time in wasting energy. I’m not really a huge believer that global warming is all man made but I strongly am I firm believer in finding other energy resources. I love the Fresh market. My family were on an all healthy whole foods diet which (you eat more) but lose more fat weight because diary products and brands carry more carbs than we can afford to lose. Commons and Brickman really need to start selling fresh market because they’re sucks. Not to mention more than half of the student body has gotten food poison. Will they ever change it? Properly not. I’m certainly going to conserve what I can with my energy (not the extent like they do) but turn off and unplug things I’m not using, use the recycle. In fact, Virginia (my home state) requires the trash to be looked at for recyclable use which is nice.  All in all, this is a good documentary and great insight into the human condition.

22impact.xlarge1Image by The New York Times


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