No Impact Man


No Impact Man was most certainly an eye-opening experience for me in many ways—it was amazing to see him and his family survive on more healthy foods, ecosystem friendly materials and other things that would hopefully improve the environment; he was also pretty gutsy to do his project in the most bustling city in the U.S. It’s funny how defensive some people would get when someone talks about “conserving energy” or “saving electricity”. People nowadays are so reliant on it that they never realize how much of it is taking away most of our time and life. If we go back to the prehistoric era, there wasn’t electricity and people were surviving fine without it. They were able to hunt for food and grow crops without the need of factories and other electrical/mechanical items. I worry that the more new appliances and devices that are developed to make our lives easier, the lazier we will become—Disney’s Wall-e movie reminds me of this scenario. Unfortunately, there are some things that are needed in order to keep up our jobs and living. It would be hard to maintain certain files, doing digital art project or other things that requires electronics and electricity. If we were able to harness electricity in a more ecosystem friendly way, then just maybe we could be helping the environment a little more.



One thought on “No Impact Man

  1. I was also reminded of Wall-E when watching the film. For a children’s movie it is a scary but realistic concept. At this rate, by the time it’s 2050 the world should have better ways to supply electricity(improved solar panels, wind energy, energy cells) but most likely we will continue our lazy ways and make the Earth practically uninhabitable.

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