A Little Impact on His Perishables

No impact man was quite an interesting movie. Although I did not agree with everything said there was quite a lot of truth in the things he did for the environment. One of his zero impact strategies that I thought was especially thought provoking was when he and his family decided to forsake shopping for new clothing. This struck near and dear to my heart because I absolutely love thrift shopping and buying second hand. Every time I go to a consignment store the saying one mans trash is another mans treasure seems to indubitably prove itself to be true. It’s sometimes quite shocking when you think about how much clothing people horde that only a fraction is repurposed. I live in quite a large family and the clothing bill could easily mount up, so at an early age this concept of reusing was introduced to me. Wearing something my brother had grown out of was almost second nature. I do think that fashion is a very important part of our culture to create personality, but one can easily get farther from the norm if you have the clothing of quite a few generations to choose from when making an outfit.

There were also some things in no impact man that I didn’t quite agree with. The existent at witch he tried to completely go “off the grid” seemed a bit foolish to me when he lives in the city. It seemed more like he had a disadvantage over a normal New York resident and he wasn’t enjoying life. I didn’t like how the movie portrayed going green as such a struggle that seemed almost unattainable at times. This seemed especially trued when he removed his refrigerator. Even self-sustaining farms have refrigeration and electricity. They make it though wind power or solar but the idea of going without such a basic convenience in a city run on electricity just boggles me. It is almost less conservative to get rid of refrigeration and electricity. Candles release smoke and sometimes have unhealthy fumes in large quantities, and food will last half as long without refrigeration.

Although I like the idea of being greener I feel like No impact man may have gone much two far and was just being silly and more difficult for himself without creating less impact. This is of course, just my opinion and I hope you managed to get more out of the film then I did.Image


2 thoughts on “A Little Impact on His Perishables

  1. I thought he did a good job of saying that he was trying to get rid of everything to see if it was possible. It was an experiment and he knew at some point it would end and he would adopt some of those ideas back into his life. I hope others did not feel that to have less of an impact, you would have to be as extreme as he was…..

  2. Yeah… I may have been a little harsh because at the time I had written this post I hadn’t seen the ending of the movie. Still though he always urged people to follow his example and some of the things he was doing I think were a little extreme and not actually helping the environment as much as he thought they were. Of course though, this is just my opinion and I can see how one could see everything he has done as an experiment and not something to implement.

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