Cleaner Living

Exploring different methods of obtaining food as No Impact Man has shown us is not only a good way to eat cleaner and healthier, but it’s also a good way to support local, family run farms who put their heart and soul in creating their products for consumption. I love buying fresh fruits and vegetables from the local farmers market because it’s guaranteed that my products have been cared for unlike many of the commercial farms that mass produce their crops and food, the quality of those things ultimately being sacrificed for quantity. I really enjoyed seeing Colin Beavan and his family traveling to visit the farm because we got a glimpse into how that family runs things and how much thought is put into everything. It makes me wish that big name producers could take some advice from these small companies to improve their product for the better good.

I think that learning more about not only the food we consume but also the products we use is a great way to help the environment. In No Impact Man they had to stop using products that traveled across the nation because of the carbon footprint they created. The transportation of so many goods on trucks, planes and boats every year is likely a large contributor to pollution and in turn affects the climate change as a whole. Disposable packaging is also a big problem because the things that contain our products just end up getting thrown away and travel to sit somewhere in a landfill. Colin also made a good point that although recycling plastic can be done but only to an extent as the more the plastic is melted down and repurposed the worse it’s condition becomes until it is a concentrated toxic substance and can no longer be used.

So it’s important to find alternatives to some of our everyday practices to slowly start to improve how we treat the earth and ourselves.


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