Nothing says sexy like offing a newborn.

Dolphin’s level of intelligence is unmatched. They use linguistics, which is pretty damn cool. They’ve also been known to engage in inter-species hunting. Dolphins have been observed cooperating with birds, sharks and humans to herd schools of fish into swirling clusters of death, much like a slaughter house. Dolphins are also prone to various sadistic and sexual tendencies. Aside from being the only animal other than primates recorded to have sex purely for pleasure, dolphins take it a step further by engaging in bisexual and homosexual orgies. They also rape each other. Male or female, old or young, it doesn’t matter. Dolphins love rape. The only thing dolphins love more than forcing themselves on one another is killing baby porpoises and tossing around their brutalized corpses, in an attempt to woo females of course.

You’re welcome for these wonderful facts about dolphins.


4 thoughts on “Nothing says sexy like offing a newborn.

  1. I would like to find the source of these findings, as their activities have somewhat piqued my interest. It’s interesting to see that dolphins have devised tactics for hunting, much akin to how killer whales plan theirs. Also makes you wonder how these hunting habits ever started.

  2. This is very interesting, I never heard of a animal who enjoys sexual pleasure, except humans. haha. I always thought that the wildlife only reproduce just because its part of nature. this is very interesting to know.

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