Japanese Horror Story: Coven

Blood pooling, countless poisoned bodies sold to be eaten by the public, and cries echoing in the darkness of the night, never to be heard from this forsaken fortress.  The eerie malpractices held at “The Cove” in Japan, while it matches as a witty reference in the title, does represent the black magic of a Coven.  The tragedies captured on these cameras had me in an emotional turmoil as i felt like crying, while throwing up in disgust as the red gush sprayed from the bodies of countless dolphins as they try to escape, and then are eventually dragged through the water leaving behind a red carpet of their remains.  Their attempts to cover up these despicable acts is maddening as they try to slip through the cracks of the system by putting on a qualifying mask on the dolphins calling them devils that steal from the fishermen when the only numbers that are decreasing are the dolphins themselves.  The thought that they can cover it up as culture when 99% of the culture has no idea of it is appalling and disturbing.


2 thoughts on “Japanese Horror Story: Coven

  1. It’s sickening to see how cruel and uncaring they were to those poor dolphins. They even have any remorse or regret when they slaughtered them beyond anyone’s sight. Humans always take things for granted..or at lease we think of ourselves as a more superior being–because of this selfish thinking, we tend to overcompensate our supplies without thinking about the consequences. We should learn to think before we act…to realize the faults and dangers before we part-take in something.

  2. It’s sickening to watch. I hope the slaughtering would stop immediately, but as we’ve seen from the video, it’s going to be a lot more difficult than we could imagine. Even given the fact that most of Japan is oblivious to these activities, it doesn’t stop the minority of these citizens, namely the fishermen, from thinking that what they’re doing is normal, right, and just. It’s an uphill battle, but hopefully, humanity will come and rescue the dolphins from humans themselves.

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