Dolphin slaughter

I had no idea about all the happenings that tis documentary and to be honest I never thought about the sensitivity of animal’s hearing and how that effects animal’s in captivity. And I don’t think I can enjoy places like Sea World or Busch Gardens the same way. And it definitely makes me think they shouldn’t have halloween festivities where animals are located because I am sure it really upsets them. I think this movie just really put me into a different perspective. As for the specific topic of the dolphin slaughter and a couple of questions it raises about how to end it I think there should be some kind of regulations set in place. I mean dolphins aren’t good to eat so really there is no reason to kill them for food but I am not sure that hunting a dolphin or a deer are any different. They are all living creatures. I just think that there should be rules regarding how much are killed and the manner they are killed and honestly I really don’t think they should even be sold for entertainment but I don’t think that will ever stop. To bring the paragraph full circle and explain what these two things have to do with each other, I can’t speak against this if I don’t speak against the other animal treatments and conditions so I think something has to change all around. Zoos, amusement parks and this “cove” ALL need regulations to follow and someone needs to start cracking the whip and I only hope I live long enough to see it happen. The people who created this documentary are an inspiration to me



2 thoughts on “Dolphin slaughter

  1. I am never going back to sea world! I agree after watching this movie it made me think twice about Sea World. I also looked up the movie Black fish and was able to see some clips of the movie, Sea World lies about how the killer whales live “longer in captivity” which is a load of bull crap!

  2. Sea world and any other entertainment places for aquatic creatures just make me sick. I saw hat documentary and was hurt to see my favorite creature (the Killer Whale) get mistreated like that. People blamed Shamu (or one of the whales) for killing that girl a few months/years ago, but to be honest, it probably did so because of the amount of mistreatment and pain it was given.

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