Blood Dolphins and the Cruelty of Denmark

The Cove, a documentary made to expose the dolphin slaughters in Taiji, was Ric O’barry’s most impacting event in his quest to stop the slaughter of Dolphins. For awhile this was big news. But it has been a few years since the video, and as all social fads do, it has left our minds.


The killing had declined at first, but now it continues full power.

Ric O’barry made another film, “Blood Dolphins” to help get the media spotlight back onto the fight for dolphins. This documentary looks at the dolphin slaughter in the Solomon Islands.  You can view this documentary with the link below:


Dolphin slaughter happens in other places as well.


 An even that could rival the Taiji killings in cruelty is the hunt of pilot whales in in the Faroe Islands of Denmark.  The hunt is done noncommercial. It is organized by the community, and anyone can participate.

            The hunt is carried out by finding a group of pilot whales bottle nosed dolphins, harbor porpoise, white-beaked dolphin, or white-sided dolphin and surround them with a semicircle of boats. The marine animals are drove into a shore with a gradual slope so they beach themselves.

            The leftover meat is then consumed, it too has toxic high levels of mercury. Though less lives are taken, the part about this slaughter that makes it more disgusting is the fact that it is not done out of greed like in Kaiji, it is out of fun and tradition.

            This even is for the community and in addition to the large number of participants, there is an even larger number of approving spectators 



4 thoughts on “Blood Dolphins and the Cruelty of Denmark

  1. Wow the images uploaded on your post is really sad 😦 how can people just straight up kill innocent animals. Thank you for uploading the link to Rick’s other movie

  2. It takes one sick mind to kill defenseless animals for fun. Don’t people have something better to do with their lives? It’s disgusting to see just how many people are actually participating in the slaughter. I wonder exactly what is on their minds.

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