With great Porpoise the Secret is out!

The Cove has opened the eyes of others and mine, well slightly opened because I was too busy looking away or crying. The slaughter of 20,000 dolphins is a lot to take in but it has been brought to the public eye to help stop it. One of the topics I would like to talk about is Ric O’Barry. Ric is such and amazing badass of a person. I love how much he is making an impact on the marine world as an apology and to make up for his mistake of starting this dolphin craze. As we know from the film, Ric was the trainer for the 60’s show, Flipper. He captured five dolphins to train them for the show. As he got to know, understand and love these creatures he realized how much the dolphins understand and how much captivity effects dolphins. When Kathy, one of his dolphins I believe his favorite, passed away in his arms. He knew he had to change and stop what he had done. As his mission, he is called to save any dolphin in need or dolphins in captivity. Ric started a group called the Dolphin Project to educate people about captivity and to free dolphins. Ric, for me, is such an inspiration being so passionate about saving these beautiful creature’s lives and trying to make up for his mistake. Ten years of training and understanding dolphins in captivity to thirty- eight years being against what he started. So many dolphins have been helped by his efforts; over twenty-five dolphins have been released in Haiti, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, the Bahamas, and the United States. O’Barry has made a tremendous impact on the world of humans and dolphins alike. Since The Cove has been released so many lives have been saved. Before The Cove movie 2,000 dolphins would die. Last year only 800 were killed. Yes, dolphins are still dying but 1,200 lives are saved and that shows effort and that people care. Not only are the numbers getting smaller but also the hunters stopped the hunt earlier for the fourth year in a row. We can still help and make an impact by signing petitions or by going to Ric O’Barry’s website SaveJapanDolphins.org to see what else we can do. As artists we can make a difference with posters and propaganda. These are sometimes more powerful the words can ever be.     



One thought on “With great Porpoise the Secret is out!

  1. I used watch flipper as a kid and I was very much invested in it. I would come home form school everyday and watch flipper. The level I could connect with that animal from just the screen of a TV was incredible now that I’m thinking about it. It’s amazing what we learn as we are growing up. Tell all the things I learned from the cove to my 9 year-old self from the past and I would change my views then. But I guess everything has a time and this secrets time was now.

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