The Cove: An Inconvenient Truth

Being surrounded by water both in Rhode Island and Sarasota marine life is always evident. Going to the beaches of Sarasota one can see little fish swimming around your feet as you go in the water. Dolphins are intelligent creatures that actually interact with humans so when they are being endangered at human’s expense it is causes a reason to look into it. The creators of “The Cove” documented the brutal slaughtering of dolphins in Japan. The Japanese believe that they are eliminating so many dolphins due to “pest control” and to allow more fish, which they are pulling out of the waters rapidly, to restore their economy and distribute fish to the world. Of course the killings are the most shocking and disheartening part of the documentary, but what is most appalling is the Japanese fish facility’s manipulation of other countries.

In the documentary, there is a public forum being held with many nations across the globe. The Japanese have targeted smaller countries such as Dominica and Barbados, just to name a few, and have paid them for their support to vote for the “pest control.” When asked about the type of pest control, dolphin species, or other information the countries representatives are misinformed or just uninformed. The Japanese are portrayed to be the “villain” in this documentary and are seen bullying smaller countries by slowly buying them out. Does this effect my entire view on the Japanese culture as a whole? No. What the documentary now poses is how much we the public are being informed about and what goes on behind closed doors all over the world which is the scariest of truths. 



3 thoughts on “The Cove: An Inconvenient Truth

  1. I agree with you, It suck that Japan was viewed as the “villain” in the movie. But all around the world there are evil things being done for money, people dyeing, its just sad how we humans came to be.

  2. I completely agree with you and how Japan was depicted in the documentary. It truly does come down to, what goes on behind closed doors around the world, because these are key people pulling the strings. Yeah it’s a bit depressing how we came about, but In the end, when our time comes, all what matters is ‘what you did’ and ‘how you did it.’

  3. The documentary kinda summed up about all secrets held quietly around the world. Just like how Japan’s secret of dolphin slaughter leaked out to the public, Sea World’s mistreatment of their animals was kept quite for a while until the Blackfish documentary leaked out. It’s a shame to see that no one is willing to admit to what they are doing rather than hiding it from public’s eyes.

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