The Cove

I have some what change my opinion from the discussion we had in class, after some long thought. When asked why we shouldn’t kill dolphins, I say well they are self aware and highly intelligent so that could be a reason why, but I still thin that if people really want to hunt them, like we do deer and moose then there should be strict hunting regulations and seasons. But for me the health concern is a bit more prevalent, we are already over fishing like crazy and most of our seafood has some level of mercury. Places like Japan are at a major risk, due to their food mostly being seafood.¬†

Now on the question of well what’s the difference between domestic animals and hunting wild animals. We farm the domestic animals and replenish there population with each meat sold. Also domestic animals cannot, I repeat cannot survive with out humans. Cows would not be able to survive, neither would dogs or pigs, unless they are introduced into a feral population or were born into a feral population. Now hunting you are giving a time period to allow the animals to replenish, when there is regulation if there are none then the population begins to be at risk.

Lastly on the topic of respecting someone else’s culture, that at times can be complete bullshit. There are some cultures that are just horrible and brutal to not only nature but the people of that culture. Plus culture is always changing and its a natural thing to change, its what happens, we don’t pull apart a persons body with a horse anymore. And some cultures have died out like Nazism and the Apache culture, both we not good at all. So the question is, is the old japanese culture of whaling really acceptable anymore, or does it need to change?



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