The Cove

I was really taken aback by how little regard the Japanese fishermen of Taiji had for the lives of intelligent creatures like dolphins. Overall I was disgusted by their behavior and infuriated that the Japanese government is blatantly lying to the rest of the world about their practices. I cannot understand why they feel the need to slaughter so many dolphins without any real need. The meat gained from that wholesale murder isn’t even fit for consumption. Will it take outrageous birth defects and numerous other health problems to surface before they realize that their actions are idiotic? What’s even more frustrating is that there are people there with the facts in hand that are uniformly ignored, and not just by the Japanese. Ric O’Barry strolled into the IWC with video proof of the Japanese government’s lies and was promptly escorted out. What will it take for people to wake up and accept the truth? How can a race of people be so blind to the world around them? What’s ironic is that I’ve always thought of Japanese as peaceful and harmonious with nature. My views have considerably changed since seeing this documentary. Is the pride of doing what you want in the face of global pressure really worth the degradation of the dolphin population?

I had to hand it to the filmmakers and Ric O’Barry for their patience dealing with the Japanese fishermen as well as the politicians of Japan. I don’t know that I would have had the self control to keep from avenging a few of those dolphins. Especially when faced with such obstinate behavior. Clearly the Japanese of Taiji know they are doing something wrong. They were constantly following the filmmakers around and questioning Ric O’Barry about his involvement with the documentary. If the culture there believes that they are doing the right thing, then why hide your activities? If it’s truly part of your culture, then why are you ashamed? What they’re doing is wrong and they know it. That doesn’t make them a proud race of people, that makes them bullies and thugs that are only doing what they want without regard for how it affects others. If I ever get a chance to visit Japan again, I will be sure to pay those bullies a visit.


2 thoughts on “The Cove

  1. While I understand that the dolphin killing is a very terrible and graphic thing, I don’t think that an entire ethnic group should be judged by the actions of a small number of people. As was shown in the documentary, the general populace of Japan doesn’t even know that whaling is a problem. In addition to that, while it might feel like a large group of people are creating this problem, it’s really just a few people with a lot of power. Because they have power they can keep information away from the general public, and you can’t combat something you don’t know about. Be careful about making such a hasty judgement!

  2. I specifically mentioned the fishermen of Taiji as well as their government as being at fault. I didn’t intend to point the finger at the entire population of Japan. I even called out the ineffectiveness of the IWC and its blatant disregard for the facts. Rather than acknowledge the information gathered concerning the actions taken at the Cove, they throw out the one person willing to stand up in the face of lies. It’s pretty sad that there exists an organization whose sole purpose is to ensure the safety of cetaceans and they can’t even prevent wholesale slaughter in an area roughly the size of a parking lot.

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