Mercury Problems

One of the things that I found interesting was how fishermen were practically poisoning themselves with mercury. You’d think that after all the evidence came out about the high levels of mercury that dolphin meat has, that people would want to stop using them as a form of food. Not only is there high levels of mercury in dolphin meat, but there are also high levels of cadmium and PCBs. According to doctors, the advised level of mercury is 0.4 ppm. The highest level that testing revealed in Taiji was 18.9 ppm.

Mercury can cause neurological damage leading to loss of coordination, vision, hearing, and can produce mental retardation. Scientists are even suggesting stores to take products off the shelves immediately. Even worse is that dolphin meat is usually mislabeled as whale meat, so people don’t actually know what they are eating. Mercury is the second most toxic poison in the world. It attacks the fetuses of pregnant women, causing horrific brain damage.

When looking into mercury and Japan, I found another incident of mercury poisoning. Back in the 50’s and 60’s in Minamata, Japan, a factory dumped mercury into the Minamata bay that poisoned tens of thousands of people. It resulted in a whole generation of children that showed signs of mercury poisoning. According to scientists, the amount of mercury dumped in the bay are actually less than the amount found in dolphins. Based of this incident, you’d think that the Japanese government would try and keep dolphins off the shelves. 



3 thoughts on “Mercury Problems

  1. It’s really sad that they where about to give out dolphins meat to elementary schools.
    How can they poison their own future generations? It’s really awful. Even if the truth is right in front of them they choose to look away.

  2. It truly shocked me to know that they could put an unhealthy/toxic amount of mercury, coating the dolphin meat without any concern or risk as what it could do to their population. It is almost as if they didn’t care about their own country nor cared about the consequences. They rather earn money than worry about their own health and safety.

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