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I’ve mentioned in the past that I was studying to become a Marine Biologist during high school before I decided to pursue a career in art. This came from spending my childhood on the ocean, on boats and on the shore, interacting close with its creatures and organisms. My love for the oceans and their life was ingrained in me at such a young age and it made me want to spend the rest of my life with its animals. Of course as a child my family and I visited places like Sea World, which only furthered my interest and fueled my want to become a trainer and develop relationships with these creatures. If I had known about what was going behind the scenes to get these animals I would not have been as enthusiastic.

I had no idea that so many dolphins were being captured in Japan. What I hate the most is that many of the fishermen that take part in this have just accepted this mass slaughter as a part of their daily lives. Some of the fishermen are not to blame though, as government officials have told them that the dolphins have become a pest problem that needs to be dealt with by rounding the animals up and sending them off to the slaughter. The same government that lies to the fishermen also poisons them with the unbelievable amounts of mercury that is in the dolphin meat sold as whale meat in the markets and stores.

I just can’t believe that big name companies like Sea World would stoop so low to get animals for their shows. I would expect that of the small attractions in Japan and other places around the world but not Sea World. The way that places like Sea World treated their dolphins and whales was bad but the amount of covering up they do to show a façade of happiness and health is even worse. The Cove really does a good job of revealing these big name companies and organizations for what they really are.

I do admit out of all of the things that are happening in this world, what Sea World does and has been doing for the past couple of years has not been as bad as in the past. The do have a long a very successful rehabilitation program that helps numerous sea creatures every year including manatees injured by careless boaters. They do care dearly about their animals, but they really need to consider what might be best for them in the future whether it is in captivity or not.


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