The Cove

If I weren’t an artist, I would be Ric O’ Berry.

I’ve been raising and caring for injured and orphaned animals for as long as I can remember and it hurts to watch “The Cove” or any film or show about cruelty towards animals. It enrages me to see the fishermen show zero emotion toward what they’re doing. There’s something about dolphins(and whales) that makes them different from most animals. They’re self aware, as are we. The only difference between them and us is that they live in the sea. Killing one is practically equivalent to killing a man. It should be punishable by death. It’s basically murder.  If I weren’t studying to be an artist I would be out there with people like Ric O’ Berry, helping to put an end to our disgusting behavior.

I’ve been going to SeaWorld for years having been living in Orlando for so long. ‘The Cove’ definitely changed my views on the park but with a little research I feel as though it’s receiving unfair criticism.  Sea World has rescued and rehabilitated over at least 20,000 animals and it’s hard not to show a little respect to the park. Sure, keeping whales in dolphins in captivity is wrong but it helps inspire those that come to see the dolphins to protect and support rescue programs. I do not agree with the animals performing but captivity may be the only way we can maintain their species in the future.


4 thoughts on “The Cove

  1. I think we should keep animals in captivity is when they are injured and we can nurse them back to health. For example Winter at Clearwater Beach Marine Aquarium, she lost her tail due to a crab trap and now lives there. Yet there are other animals that come and go when they are healthy

  2. Keeping animals for entertainment in these situations is sad, but in the case of Sea World specifically the majority of their animals have been raised in captivity. Their parents where most likely caught in the wild, but it is their offspring that we see today at the parks. These animals would not survive in the wild. They wouldn’t know how to hunt or survive and they would be alone. As for other animals caught in the wild, many are injured too severally to be released back into the wild, the sea turtles are a good example.

  3. I agree that captivity can be a good thing when nursing an animal back to health, but keeping dolphins for entertainment purposes is harder to justify. Even taking healthy animals out of the wild for any “educational purposes” Sea World wants to offer its audience seems a little misguided, if part of what’s to be inferred from that education is that these animals are doing well in captivity, when really they’re probably better off in the wild.

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