The Cove

Even though we didn’t finish the entire film of “The Cove”, I couldn’t believe the amount of dishonesty the fishermen showed during the marine scientists’ trip in Japan as well as the amount of dolphins that were being killed, hidden from everyone’s view. It disgusts me to know that people like that are willing to kill a couple hundred dolphins for their own selfish desires. It’s like they believe the dolphins aren’t connect or closely related to humans at all—they have emotions, they can feel pain and experience of things…they aren’t inanimate objects.

However, there was one thing interesting that was said about the captivity of animals. I understand that keeping them captive is a bad thing, but what if it’s means of protecting their species? Is it a bad thing to keep them held in a cage rather than roaming free…but wouldn’t it be worse to let them die out and not help them? It’s a tough decision to make. I’m okay with protecting a species, but not if it means abusing them or slaughtering them…it’s not right. It makes me wonder whether or not most of these animals in zoos, parks, and other places are being treated with much care and respect.

 We take everything for granted and don’t realize the consequences for our actions. If this keeps up, I feel as though we’ll be at a point where it is too late to make a change. 



One thought on “The Cove

  1. The issue of whether or not to keep animals in captivity is such an interesting one! I think it’s justifiable in many cases, such as when the species being held captive is threatened or they’re being researched, but some super intelligent species (like dolphins) really shouldn’t be shoved in a cage. I feel that way about gorillas and chimps as well.

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