While working my morning shift on Saturday over at Mattison’s City Grille, during the farmers market, a big group of people were holding signs against the company Monsanto. Now I can say I don’t like Monsanto, but not really because of GMOs, its what they do to “save” starving countries.

Now GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are basically modified plants to last and grow in harsh conditions to help feed starving people. I am all for saving starving people. But how Monsanto goes about it is just cruel. Let’s say you’re a starving farmer and you buy some seeds from Monsanto, but you decide to cross breed those seeds with another plant to create more crop. Well Monsanto can come in and take all of those new cross breed crops and basically throw them in the garbage. This is by their rules and also you are not allowed to gather the crops seeds during harvest, so you don’t have to buy more seeds, nope you can’t do that either. You have to keep buying new seeds for each new season.

This doesn’t make any sense, Monsanto runs more like a company trying to make big bucks, instead of working for a greater good with no return. That’s what really upsets me. I really do hope that Monsanto gets it handed to them soon.


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