Indian Beach

I went to Indian Beach today and found a variety of different things there. I went around 5:30, just before magic hour (in photography and film it’s when the sun hits a beautiful shine before sunset). The wind was just right. When I went over, I found the sidewalk extremely narrow and but a nice walkway. There’s this long stone wall barrier that I just wish there was a sign that explained what it’s purpose was. What is it’s history? I kept thinking of the American Revolution. There was a lot of things that came up on shore such as shells, clothing and trash. The sewage pipe or so kind of drainage pipe went into the ocean which made me think of “Finding Nemo.” All drainages lead to the ocean. The fact that we throw our waste into the ocean is in some ways bad because it alienates the use of the ocean’s habitat. Of course sea creatures use the bathroom in the ocean and it’s full of salt that take cleans things but there’s oil pollution and gasoline. All human activity. The fact that we are invading in the ocean with our destruction makes me not want to go to the beach in some ways. There were beautiful birds out there and several different dead fish which I tried to look up the names and could not find anything. Boy, I’m so rusty on my sea world vocab but what I found the most insightful about my trip is the relationship we have with the ocean and the environment. Yes we bring pollution but there’s also unison from the arts, no trespassing and also finding the beauty in the simple things. I found a couple of people with their dogs running on the beach. Couples watching the horizon and a few lonely people finding solitude staring out into the horizon

_MG_8561 _MG_8593 _MG_8576 _MG_8571 _MG_8566 _MG_8558 _MG_8545 _MG_8546_MG_8542 _MG_8527


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