The Cove to The Blackfish

I couldn’t wait till the next class to finish watching the Cove. I watch the rest of it and my respect for Japan has gone down a bit. I never even knew that this was even a problem in Japan. I found it interesting that the man who started this who thing is now the one fighting to stop it. My friend then told me about the documentary called Blackfish. It is just like the Cove but with Killer Whales. I will no longer be going to Sea World. I will not help to promote their shows. I feel terrible knowing that we are torturing beautiful creatures. I learned that after both the Cove and the Blackfish documentaries, Sea World has lost a good percentage of income because people are no longer going to there. All I can say is HAHA to Sea World! They deserve it for how they have been treating their animals.

Below is the link to the video about Blackfish


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