The Cove

Since we haven’t watched the entire film of “The Cove” but so much I found provoking and disturbing and insightful all at the same time.

What really got to me was the dishonesty that these fishermen were taking on the Japanese people. Not only are they killing and selling dolphins alive and dead but also they are killing Taiji people! Not only is this an animal rights issue, it’s a human rights issue and this has got to stop!

As stated Ric O’Barry said in the documentary “This town is like Twin Peaks, ‘small town but a big secret’ in which the government is covering it up from the public.”

What’s so dangerous about selling dolphin as food is the mercury, which causes harm especially to pregnant women who born children that can’t see, hear, speak, walk, etc.

The fact that these Japanese fishermen sell it to the fish market and lie about what’s the animals product placement, lying to the public’s good is an outrage. It makes me feel as if the public is lied about everything we buy and sell.

The other part about the film that moved me so much was the relationship these researchers had with the dolphins. I grew up with the love of dolphins from “Flipper” the 1996 movie with Paul Hogan and Elijah Wood. I think I did see the original film and maybe one or two episodes of the television show but I most remember the Elijah Wood one. I often played with the a toy dolphin in the bathtub when I was really little. Knowing that Ric is on this rescue mission because of his guilt of capturing five of the flippers and having a relationship with them personally and dying in his hands, “committing suicide” is just heart breaking. I think any animal realizes they are trapped in an environment they know they are not supposed to be in. Instinct tells  us this, just look at the animal shelter and zoos and sea world. Realizing Ric and others like him are risking their lives, just like Jannie May who was murdered by her own belt (strangled to death) in believing a cause and never giving up makes me feel inspired with never giving up on my own beliefs as an artist and storyteller.

The other heartbreak was the scene in which a dolphin swims towards the shore during the slaughter and is bleeding throughout the entire time, trying to escape but dying from the loss of blood. That is something that I will never forget. The fact that we kill 23,000 for $150,000 is just unethical and inhumane.



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