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Today the documentary was so interesting. I had to ask my friend how it went in the end. Because I wanted to know how it ended.

I know Japan is has a huge market of fish. It’s also like that in Korea where I came from. First before I watched it I was like, ‘Well, dolphins are cute but if that is their culture, it is really hard to say don’t have it, in other country territory.” Because it is hard to imagine if in Korea they ban tuna fish and many other fish that are caught like dolphins many people won’t like it.

However, watching this documentary I knew that was wrong. Japanese people doesn’t know that people in that place catches dolphins. It was really scary that they were so protective about what they were doing. They knew that if the shooting crew takes a evidence they might be in trouble. I didn’t know that one dolphin is traded with 150,000 dollar. No wonder they are so crazy about dolphins.

Also, I thought if they have that much money annually where is the money going to? Because they didn’t seem to be that rich individually. I thought maybe there is a bigger force involved to it. So I thought maybe the dolphin side people should work on that perspective too.

I researched about what happened after this documentary got released. Small species, like dolphins are not protected by the International Whaling Commission (IWC). The IWC have no protections for 71 (out of 80, known) cetacean species, including all dolphins and porpoises, which is why Japan can legally kill them.

The majority of Japanese people are still unaware that much of the meat they purchase is actually mislabeled dolphin meat. This is a problem because it has a lots(4000mg) of Mercury. I hope the Japanese government do something about this.

Because Dolphins not like any other fishes it is special because they are smart and they communicate with humans. I think that is why people are more attach to it and tries to save it.


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