Dirt: We Should Migrate Underground!

This documentary tended to get on my nerves.  While it had a lot of interesting information and good points to make, I found its approach to be propagandist and unscientific.  I was particularly offended when it was suggested that the paper industry was majorly responsible for deforestation, which is simply not true.  Nearly all of the paper used in America is from tree farms, where trees are specifically grown for the sake of making a regular supply of paper.  To suggest otherwise is dishonest and creates a lack of credibility.

I wish this documentary had spent more time looking at the early formation of soil.  I was blown away when I learned that the islands of Hawaii had no soil on them when they were first formed, and that there would be no soil there today if no plant had been transported there by the oceans or by migrating animals that could grow in the lava-rock terrain.  But with the introduction of these extremist plants to form the first layers of soil, Hawaii has become the thriving tropical paradise we’re familiar with.


The one point where I found myself in most agreement with the documentary was in the harmful nature of pavement, covering otherwise fertile soil, not allowing it to absorb water, killing what life it contains, and wasting valuable surface area of the earth.  I’ve been mulling over solutions to drastically reduce the amount of pavement used in modern society, and I keep coming to an idea of our society slowly migrating underground, as ridiculous as that may sound.  But in all seriousness, we are already building extensive underground tunnel networks.  We have established that our species likes controlled climate conditions.  We have all the technology needed to build huge underground structures, and if our nations roads, parking lots, and commercial centers were built underground with a layer of topsoil above, this would use much less energy in climate control, would save in road maintenance costs, and would free up more arable land for agriculture!  Humans have already covered the surface of the planet, the narrow layer in which most everything lives.  I think it is inevitable that we eventually start to build downward as well. While it’s a far off dream, it is a dream I hold to.


4 thoughts on “Dirt: We Should Migrate Underground!

  1. I agree as well! A lot of the movie i felt was a great big guilt trip, interesting but i felt like i wanted to go out and hug the ground later.

  2. You bring up excellent points and I almost hated the fact they made it too kiddy (even when I was a child I hated being looked down on as if I was too stupid to know anything) tell it to me like as an equal. They should have used more scientific facts rather than being subjective. You also bring up of Hawaii not being populated with minerals which is very interesting and the fact it was not even habitat without transporting plants from various parts of the world.
    Overall I found the documentary interesting but these were a few of the things that I did not like about it.

  3. Yes, I felt the documentary was a little bit subjective of some points.
    About saying that the Hawaii wouldn’t have any soil if it wasn’t for the plants were really interesting.

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