Singing… Mice?–abc-news-tech.html

Another strange article I came across during some boredom on the Internet. Apparently, like wales and birds, two species of mice in Costa Rica sing to attract mates! However we can’t hear their tunes alone, their singing is very high in pitch.


13 thoughts on “Singing… Mice?

  1. This is really interesting!
    I wonder what would happen if the range a human ear can hear is expanded. I’m sure there are a lot of other animals out there that sing/communicate, but we are unable to hear.

  2. This is awesome!! I wonder if this trait is in rats as well. My girlfriend and I have two rats and I would be so excited if I found out that they could sing! Haha. Even if I cant hear it, I still think it would be pretty cool to witness!!

  3. I have seen a similar mouse on the documentary series north america, and its the grasshopper mouse which howls. its the only carnivores mouse and it is immune to a lot of poisons or venoms from snakes and scorpions.

  4. That is sooooo cool! I wonder if dogs and cats can hear them? It actually makes sense they call during the mating season. One of the disadvantages of humans not being limited to certain things such as the visible spectrum and certain level of hearing. If only. 🙂

  5. Oh wow, How interesting! The thought that these mice sing to each other as a mating ritual is a really cool natural phenomenon, and when you think about it, they possibly could’ve evolved in some time to sing in this high pitch and receive it in order to communicate to only each other and to not draw in any other predatory species.

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