Legless Lizards?

Just an article I came across and felt like sharing. Apparently, there is a species of lizards, all legless, that have adapted to being able to live underground. Recently, only one species of these strange lizards was thought to exist – but now there are some new discoveries in California.



16 thoughts on “Legless Lizards?

  1. I’ve seen one of these before! When I visited L.A. a few summers ago; I thought it was a snake at first, but then I thought the head had a strange shape for it to be a snake.

  2. I saw this come up on my yahoo news and meant to read it so thanks for posting. After reading I had to google it thinking they would be small little lizard without legs, um no those things are snake size. If I saw one I would definitely think that it was a strange looking snake. And I do agree with the comment above I’m surprised they weren’t found yet.

  3. That’s a good one. First I thought, why, wouldn’t they be snakes then? But of course after reading the article it made sense they are legless lizards

  4. They would make wonderful pets, watching it wriggle around would be very soothing. That said, this is a very enlightening topic, calling it a snake was the first thing that crossed my mind; and now i leave this page a little smarter.

  5. Hahaha, when I saw the post titled “Legless Lizards,” I literally thought of the little florida lizards with no legs. As silly as that is, I really enjoyed this article. I never would have thought that “legless” meant snake-like. I wonder how many other species resemble these all around the world?

  6. These things are quite strange. A buddy of mine owned one for a while and it looks and behaves much differently than a snake. It had a very similar head to that of the stereotypical southern garden lizard. And its movements were very sluggish and clumsy. It seemed much less sophisticated than a snake, more like a worm blindly feeling around.

  7. lizards are really strange creatures, and these legless ones make me think of how snakes evolved. i have also heard a certain species of lizard is all female an dose not need any males to reproduce the Parthenogenesis.

  8. Thats pretty interesting, I always thought it was the legs that separated lizards from snakes. I never thought about there ears or eyes. Also i guess the tongues are a big difference too.

  9. So surprising. So there is a lizard that looks like a snake but isn’t a snake because they live underground and can close their eyes? It feel like snake to me still..
    Can’t it be snakes too? with a exception that they can close their eyes and live underground?

  10. I find this really funny because it’s specified as a legless lizard when it just looks like a common snake, but it’s identification and it’s different body structure and abilities make it differ from this species.

  11. I’ve actually held quite a few of these, and they’re really f**king gross. I love snakes, but these slimy mindless devils are one of the most unsophisticated clumsy creatures I’ve ever encountered.

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