What is that?!



I am originally from New Hampshire. For the last two years I’ve been living in the city in Sarasota, until about two months ago when I moved into a more suburban part of town. I’m noticing that there are still a lot of plant and animal species in FL that I’ve never encountered before. In fact, there are many things in my own back yard that I have no idea what it is. For example, I took the picture above with my cellphone camera over the weekend. That bee is over an inch long in real life. First of all, I’ve never seen a bee that big, so thats freaky. Then the bee is also dragging around the carcass of another larger insect that I have no idea what that is, but ewe. I saw this same thing a couple of weeks ago except a living member of the unnamed insect species was seemingly fighting the bee for the carcass back. This is all bizarre to me, so really any discussion that we have in class about things that are native or non that live around here is much appreciated on my end. Fearing the unknown,  I wonder, “is that massive bee going to sting me?” Or similarly when I see a colorful frog or snake I wonder if it is dangerous. When I lived in my apartment more in the city part of Sarasota my neighbor said he saw a coral snake near the walkway of our building. That kind of freaked me out for a while, but as we went over in class, I later found out that there is a more common snake around here with the colors of a coral snake. Since, my neighbor was from Indiana, I tend to think it wasn’t a coral snake after all. This is also important to stay safe in the ocean. I was snorkeling at point of rock in Sarasota one and recognized a lion fish, so I stayed away from it and then moments later I actually saw someone spearfishing. Hopefully he got it.


12 thoughts on “What is that?!

  1. Hey that’s a Cicada Killer! They’re pretty common in Florida. What you’re seeing is the Cicada Killer (the bee) feeding on a Cicada (the strange bug it’s latched onto.) Cicadas are what cause that obnoxious loud humming noise in trees.

  2. Yep, that is definitely a Cicada Killer. They are pretty nasty and I have them fly out at me all the time at my house (I am from Sarasota). It is a type of wasp, actually, not a bee, even though they are very easy to mix up. I’ve never actually seen one kill a cicada though, this picture is really interesting.

    Here is a link to a site with a easy comparison between bees and wasps by the way: http://www.diffen.com/difference/Bees_vs_Wasps

    Maybe it will help you to identify some of the diverse species of flying insects in Florida more easily!

  3. Those freaky things got into my house once through a pipe in my sink. Let me tell you it’s not fun walking into your house and seeing 20 of those things in your kitchen!!

    I also understand being unfamiliar with bugs native to certain areas. My boyfriend is from England and when he was here over the summer he freaked out over lizards. I thought it was ridiculous because I’m so used to them but he was so fascinated by them. Apparently you don’t seen many lizards in England.

  4. Never seen those before. As stated by comments above, as an outsider, it certainly struck myself, and other international students, as weird or odd. The CJ building is littered with insects at the moment, so I guess they really love the labs.

  5. Bugs have never been a favorite of mine so I would probably freak just seeing a bee that big. It is really interesting that the further south of the country we get the more insects are evident. I’m from Rhode Island so there aren’t too many exotic creatures roaming up north.

  6. I’ve never seen a bee that looked that way before. I’m sure I would freak out if I did. One thing I find really interesting is that even bees look different depending on where you are because they’ve adapted differently.

  7. Those things are terrifying. As someone who is pretty scared of bees and wasps in general, I applaud you for getting close enough to take a picture.

    When I moved to Florida there were so many different insects and animals that I had never seen before. I’m originally from Delaware so a lot of the insects I initially encountered were strange to me.

  8. I believe that bee is going to eat it. I think this is a good thing because cicada could harm trees and other plants. I think they really need predictors to maintain the reasonable number of cicadas in our area.

  9. I am from city and Florida is too much nature to me. I guess I am not use to it. Especially not used to tropical surroundings. Almost everyday I get freaked out of insects and lizards here. I know what bee you are talking about. They are huge!
    Hope we will get use to it in the end!

  10. That’s terrifying, anything with body armor and wings wigs me out. I’ve had some really bad experiences with hornets. But cicadas are annoying as hell so I guess its good that there’s something that’s designed to off them.

  11. Oh my gosh, was it buzzing like crazy? Because I think i too have encountered one of these, it buzzed next to me and flew away but it was very very loud. By the way I’m not sure if I’ve ever scene a cicanda?

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