The soil under our feet

When we think about dirt we usually think it’s dirty(like the word itself). However, from the documentary I had a whole new perspective on how to think about the dirt. 

Dirt serves as a nutrients for the earth. There is a reason why you call the mother earth. When the mother get sick the mother can’t take care of the children. Then the children gets bad too. This is how it works with dirt and humans.

In the documentary that we watched, it tell us that mass production farming causes the crop  to go bad.  The lack of nutrition in the soil caused unhealthy grounds. Growing one type of plant in big acres of land makes the soil unhealthy because the soil doesn’t get what they need from the diverse plants and what those each plants interacts with. 

Eventually from the mass production farming causes the land turn into dessert. When the great depression came, the cause of the mass production farming caused dust storms in those areas. Also the land died because the farmers sprayed agricultural chemicals. The documentary also talked about India’s farmers. When the mass production farming was introduced in India, the farmers turned even more poor. This was because they had to pay for the expensive machines to do the mass plantation.

The dirt isn’t meant to be used to mass produce. All the basics comes from the land. Protecting and preserving the lands are for us. The dirt that we think so little seems to be nothing right now but it all comes from the dirt we are standing on. This is the reason that we should care about the dirt. 

I also want to talk about floods. Every beginning of the summer and beginning of the fall it rains a lot in Korea causing flood problems. For many reasons of flooding, the most big reasons might be related to the dirt. 

The dirt can absorb a lot of rain water. However, because Korea developed many cities they made a pavement over the lands, blocking the rainwater to go into the soil. Even though they are trying to make the drains better they always have problems if there is heavy rain. Also because Korea made a lot of dams to preserve and prevent the flood, it actually causes more floods. When the dam blocks the water to preserve the water coming down because of the heavy rain, they release the water at some point. The massive release of water at once makes even more flood then naturally leaving the soil to absorb the rain. 

At the end of the documentary the narrator said “human’s were built up from the foundation of soil. That dirt being our core and main source of living, it is of great importance to our wellbeing and livelihood.  



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