The Chameleon: a hide-and-seek champion

Watching the video of the mimic octopus in class was awesome, and its camouflage ability is remarkable. I thought it was amazing that the octopus could not only change the coloring and texture of its skin, but it was also really interesting that it could change its shape to mimic a different species entirely.

As soon as I saw the changing ability that the octopus had I thought of the chameleon. Chameleons can change color by expanding or contracting cells in their skin that contain different pigments. They use this to blend in to their surroundings to hide from predators. They also change their colors and patterns during social displays in order to either ward of angry males or to attract females. I find the variety of colors and patterns that a chameleon can mimic to be very interesting. A good example of the live-action color changing ability a chameleon has is the guerrilla ad RayBan did by putting different color sunglasses in front of a chameleon while they watched it adapt to the patterns.





6 thoughts on “The Chameleon: a hide-and-seek champion

  1. I’ve heard that chameleons don’t actually change as drastically as the mimmic octopus. I think the rayband commercial might have had some color editing going on.

  2. Cuttlefish are also really good at changing their colors. They have some at the mote marine aquarium. If you hold your hand up to the glass, sometimes they try to mimic your skin tone.

  3. Yeah. the octopus changing its color was really awesome. Also, it is interesting to know about the Chameleon chaining patterns. I remember finding one in Hawaii BigIsland. It was hard to find again because they really mimic their color so well to the background. Cool!

  4. I love chameleons!! Their ability to camouflage is amazing! I also find it incredibly interesting that they have two toes and that they can launch their tongue to hunt prey. I have heard that they don’t make the greatest pets however, they tend to get depressed due to the fact that they cannot roam around as much as they would like to.

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