Sebastiao Salgado

What really caught my eye was the part about the photographer Salgado. I am a photo major and literally just a few days before we watched this movie in class I saw a ted talk that he was in discussing his rebuilding of the rain forrest in Brazil where he grew up as a child. He felt a connection to the dead land because he compared himself to it due to one of his long term documentary projects. He had witnessed so much death that he himself felt like he was dying. His return home was a personal recovery as well as the recovery of his home land. So anyway he is an awesome photographer with an awesome message!


Also here is the Ted Talk if you want to know more!


2 thoughts on “Sebastiao Salgado

  1. I love his ted talk. Being a photo major as well his part in the video was most interesting to me. I definitely went and looked at his work after. Beautiful photos.

  2. Wonderful! It’s beautiful to see connections like this and compare them to inspiring figures like this, as well as the impact all these natural disasters have on people. Especially ones with such creative drive and vision.

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