Palm Oil Plantations



The conversion of forests to oil palm plantations is an example of habitat destruction impacting a species, in this case are the orangutans. They are rare and endangered species and the destruction of their home not only affect their number but also affect their genetic diversity. 

Orangutans are not the only species, animals such as tigers, elephants are also being affected.  People who harvest these animal for food and pet trade are involved in these destruction. They use poisons to eliminate rats within their oil palm plantations also poison other animals attempting to recolonize plantations. Oil palms have very devastating impact on plants and the animals that live there. 


5 thoughts on “Palm Oil Plantations

  1. Killing off multiple species is a heinous crime to commit, especially just because it supplies us with resources that we “need”. There is some hope for this cultivation though, as said in the video, some companies are growing their plantations on clear, unused ground and not using the slash-and-burn technique that runs these species out of existence.

  2. That was a really interesting documentary we watched in class about this. Hard to believe the damage a lot of big name companies are actually causing. I hope there are more activists who are working to get justice for all the endangered habitats and species out there.

  3. For the group project, our Hot Spot is Wallacea. Orangoutangs are apart of it, and the palm oil industry is mostly to blame. I didn’t realize the impact it had on wildlife until I researched it.

  4. Orangutangs are probably my favorite of the great ape primates, what with their limited use of simple tools and trademark red hair. I didn’t realize they were so immediately threatened until very recently.
    I don’t feel like the root of these problems is being well enough addressed. The people of these developing countries are trying desperately to keep up with the developed world around them, and the only way they can feasibly do it is by following their example and consuming their environment’s resources for resale. A better option needs to be offered these people if we want to fix this.

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