Is Dirt Alive?

I found the documentary of dirt spiritually amazing and self aware of how we take the soil for granted. I find myself wanting to constantly go to the woods and just grab dirt and feel the minerals. Back at my home state, Virginia, we had the Blue Ridge Mountains and often times I would go to an apple orchard and take pictures of the mountains and the tall grass, apples and smell the dirt which in many ways smelt like apple cider.

Dirt is alive and is apart of us because, not only are we a part of the Earth but we come from dirt. It’s actually how Earth was created and the universe: The Big Bang Theory, particulars of matter and dust or dirt if it were.

For example in the documentary a dump of garbage is thrown in the truck and over a period of time, it became a garden. It was a nice, simple method of saying that life is created even out of waste or what we considered to be waste. Dirt forms spores, and fungi. Recycled water has always been reformed and recycled.

Dirt also forms homes for certain cultures which was very interested in the Indian culture she explained the temperature of mud will have a cool breeze during the summer seasons and be warm during the winter season.

Dirt for some cultures is a religious belief such as in Mexico where they say, “You are born from the dirt and come back to dirt in the end.”

I also found it nice that they say its “organic” and to be honest it’s really saying “put poop on everything and it’ll work” which is true. We use horse poop on our crops in order for it to be healthier and make it grow faster.

One trivia thing I enjoyed from the documentary was hearing Ludovico Einaudi’s (an Italian music composer) music albums “Divenire” “Nightbook” and “Una Mattina”.


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