Dirty Business

Dirt, the birthmother of all life and sustenance on earth, is overshadowed by the beings that have sprung from her.  Beautiful irony explodes from the fact that this gritty, abrasive amalgamation of dust and sand could house and create a garden of eden from its coarse nature.  In the film I found it both interesting and upsetting how we could classify dirt, and even the rest of existence with out it, endangered, as humanity destroys the earth that gives it the tools it needs to survive to only receive something less in exchange, such as cheap electricity from coal.  The demolition of mountainsides, disintegrating the precious top layer of soil eliminates that fertile plane from existence, leaving only the barren bedrock behind.  Although the people testifying in the film seem overzealous and cultish of their love and support of dirt, is it strange for them to be?  With the power of dirt being able to give life, even different religions with their beliefs of various gods shaping humanity from dirt, I find it perfectly reasonable, almost giving dirt a kind of god-like status.  Hail to the king, Terra Firma, Dirt.



2 thoughts on “Dirty Business

  1. I found a lot of peoples’ thoughts about dirt horrifying, at least before they learned how good it was. My family is farming based in Indiana and Ohio and we have always taken care of our dirt and done a lot of things recommended by activists and the successful farmers in the movie. We even though our fishing scraps in our gardens. It was nice to see people also thought like us and that it wasn’t just our little community.

  2. I think people think if you can get it easy it is not valuable. It was really scary that mass production cropping causes death of the dirt. I hope many people will realize the importance and the roll of dirt.

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