Dirt! Is Really is Interesting

Dirt! Is Really is Interesting.


I was not excited at all when it was announced that we’d watching a documentary on dirt. To me and a lot of other people, it just sounds unbearably boring.

However, it was really interesting! What stood out to me the most was the movement of American people making their own dirt houses. I had no idea people did this! They were describing all of the hard work and benefits to making their own house, not to mention how supportive the community of dirt dwellers was to them. It also looked really fun to make the house! I like to do things with my hands, and I’ve never been afraid to touch dirt.

The people running these sites aren’t afraid to either!




Above are people living the dream (or living the mud?) are educating people how to make dirt houses. I think it’s all really fascinating.

The thing that really blows me away is that a lot of materials for making your own house is free or relatively cheaper than mainstream materials. I’ve known a few people who’ve made their own houses but would never think of using resources that are already there. I also think most people would not want to take on the hardship of making their own house.

Nevertheless, I would love to try to be apart of making a mud house someday!



Here’s a link to an awesome video on a man in Africa explaining making his mud house:


2 thoughts on “Dirt! Is Really is Interesting

  1. I found the mud houses to be very interesting also! It’s fascinating that such a simple thing as mud can work just like high quality insulation. Of course you might want to be picky about where you live. Most mud houses use sun dried bricks, which means water makes them melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. The oven dried ones probably wouldn’t work too well in the rain either.

  2. Also, many other country have dirt(soil) houses too. When I saw this I thought about my old grandmother house where it’s in Korea. I remember my parents saying that it was cool in summer and warm in winter. Though it is like wood based house. they use soil for the paste of the wall. Look the link below to see how it looks like. It is covered with wallpaper(natural paper I think so it still do the same job 🙂

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