Dirt…Dirt Everywhere

Watching the documentary, one sentence that really struck me was the “sometimes people take soil for granted” I guess this is like the whole idea why people mistreat our soil, because we see soil everywhere we think that the soil will just be soil and there is nothing more than that and nothing will ever change. Little do we know that soil that we see in everyday life, plays an important parts in our daily life the soils are dying as we mistreat them everyday.

It’s really surprising when I see what how big companies work; because they wanted to grow crops in a large quantities in short amount of time, they changed the system of how they are treating lands. This resulting to an unhealthy soil which makes it really difficult to grow plants and makes it an unsustainable land over time. Though it is very efficient in the beginning, it kills the land, and makes it unproductive as they grew more plants. I guess, this is like the nature of human that we want everything instant because we have “no time”. We want to get the result fast. Well, I can’t really blame companies for hurting the land the way they do now, I feel that, we are also the main cause why big companies tries to make their system more efficient. Because there are lots of demands for foods, companies trying to think how can they meet up to the demand which resulting, in a efficient way to grow fast crops without thinking how that system affecting the soil.

Seeing this documentary really open my eyes to the soil. Something that easily be ignored really plays the most important part in our livelihood. Though it does not look as beautiful as other stones that we value like gold, diamond, or else, soil shines in their own respective part. Without healthy soil, I don’t think we can survive in this environment.

So moral of this documentary, love the soil, or you will die…. hmm, that’s kinda scary…..



4 thoughts on “Dirt…Dirt Everywhere

  1. I see where you’re coming from and you bring up some great insight into how corporates and companies are basically trying to meet the standards of customers needs and wants. There seems to be a no win situation. Everyone’s appetite grows stronger each day and many are obese because of it. Poor dieting and lack of healthy foods. Organic products are good but even they are funded with the demands of huge factories. “We have the woof by ears” as it were because “we can not hold on and yet we can not let go.” Having big factories mistreating the land and destroying the soil is one thing and yet we can not go back to the traditional way of farming where everyone made their own crops because many people don’t have the time to grow things, let alone make a meal for themselves. We can not hold on and yet we can not let go.

    • I guess the solution for that is to support the local farmers market. I’m not really sure if this can be considered as the solution, but since the local farmers usually use the traditional system, i guess this can be another way to show to big companies that that we support traditional system that does not harm the soil.
      well, we can not really use the term “ignorance is a bliss”, in this situation right, because the soil are dying right now. and if we kept thinking that there is nothing we can do, how do we really solve the main problem?

  2. I think you have a really good point when you say that we the customers are as much to blame as big businesses for the way things are handled. Although they’re not guiltless, the problem really lies with us because of our high demands. It’s up to the people buying the products to change the way things are done!

    I knew dirt was important before I watched the documentary, but I can definitely say that I’m much more aware of the ‘how’s and ‘why’s now. I’ll be doing my best not to take it for granted in the future, and I think if we educate other customers then that will be the best way to change the way large corporations treat the soil.

  3. I think another good lesson to learn from this is how dangerous ignorance is. Not being educated about the consequences of mistreating this planet and its resources is a direct threat to the survival of every species on this planet, least of which is us. Combine that with greed and you have a recipe for disaster on a global scale. I would think that a species that prides itself on its creativity and intellect could find a solution to this problem that didn’t involve the wholesale destruction of our own environment.

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