On Dirt

Dirt. The phrase, “ashes to ashes” was brought up a couple of times in the said documentary. As human beings, we’ve always collectively known that we have a connection to dirt, may it be fundamentally, physically and/or spiritually. The video truly hammered in the idea that, from the dirt we have emerged, and into dirt we shall go, thus for dirt we must care.

We were shown images of humans destroying the land itself; of the whole set, fracking seems to win the biggest gasps and tears within the classroom.  It’s horrible. That much, I can say with upmost certainty. On the other hand, however, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I myself am to blame for the world’s destruction.

We gasp at horrifying images, and yet once we set foot beyond the classroom, we return back to our daily lifestyles. I’m not singularly responsible for these incidents, but I do live a life that uses huge amounts of resources. Looking around everywhere, the irony of gasping at the imagery, all the while, looking at the phone, or the computer…there is no one else to blame but us.  These things won’t happen if the demand for it wasn’t there.

So what can we do? I ask myself this question over and over, but the answers always seem so vague. And so, on a lifelong quest I shall go, to lessen my carbon footprint, to sign those petitions, to actively raise awareness for the community around me.

I say that now, and I’ve said that many times before, but my inability to commit to those words says a lot about myself. So don’t be me. Please do make a difference in the world.

And someday I’ll join you.


On another note, I did sign a petition to stop shark finning, an issue very much close to home. So I guess I’m more active than I expected I was.

The movie’s dirt mascot:



2 thoughts on “On Dirt

  1. I had a very similar realization not too long ago. It’s one thing to realize that each of us contributes to the problem but it’s another thing entirely to actually do something about it. I know I am guilty of it as much as anyone else. I like my phone, my computer, and every other thing that is slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) killing the planet. Our species seems bent on self destruction and the best response we come up with is resigned apathy, as though someone else will fix our mistakes. It’s a dangerous mindset but one I’m not quite sure how to fix.

  2. I don’t believe our species will ever learn how to care for the world. We are way too focused on ourselves to care about what happens around us. No matter how many petitions or how much community awareness is raised, I don’t believe there will ever be a time in my existence where we finally open our eyes and realize what we are doing. The human race will surely destroy itself in the end…

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