Dogs Decoded

Throughout the documentary about dogs, I do say that I really enjoy it. My view of dogs changed ever since I watched the documentary. I never knew that dog are able to understand human emotion as good as how people can understand other people’s emotion. I guess that is why people associate dogs as human best friends because of how well they can identify human emotion and how they should react accordingly. What really fascinates me is the ability of dog identifies human emotion. The way they identify people’s emotion is similar to how we identify other people’s emotion. We tends to see the left side of the face, and surprisingly dogs do the same as well, and that make me thinking that dogs are smarter than I thought.

This ability apparently something that evolves throughout generation.  Since dog has became more and more domesticated, dogs learned a new ability to understand human emotion or other ability that appeals to human and that behavior is what draws people more to dogs. It’s really interesting when I saw the changes in fox behavior from a wild animal to become tame and fox shows some behavior that is similar to dogs over generations. Not only their behavior, their appearance is changed as well. And this brings me back to what Darwin says about the evolution that as they are trying to adapt, changes is inevitable to suit to the environment. And in this case, the behavior of a child is the one that dominates in the dog genes, since it is not very aggressive, but playful instead.  I guess this is why we, human really likes dogs of its playfulness, their active behavior and also their ability to understand human emotion. No wonder dogs is human best friends.

Seeing the documentary really makes me want to adopt a dog, since I live in the school’s property would have to restraint myself until I graduate.



3 thoughts on “Dogs Decoded

    • it’s more like the dogs tried to adapt to human behavior….. at first, i believe that human tried to help them hunt, but as the time goes by, they make them as their companion.doesn’t mean that we make them to become us, but if that happened i would feel creepy and excited at the same time…

  1. It’s interesting how we created these breeds tom become more of our friends and part of our family. Also, adopting a dog takes a lot of responsibility. When I first got my dog I never expect the amount of work it takes, but it’s worthwhile.

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