“I am dirt. I come from it, I walk on it, I feel like it.“- John Morello, DIRT the Graphic Novel

Dirt is an existential part of the environment. Of course, you don’t need a certified scientist to relay this information to the average person. We as humans take dirt for granted. It’s stationary, bountiful, and messy. You can walk all over it and it won’t say anything. Dirt is what keeps the ecosystem afloat. Believe it or not, there was a time in history when smart phones were nonexistent and children were encouraged to go outside to get dirty! Crazy I know. In today’s society gray colored pavements usually outweigh beautiful earthy tones and monstrous skyscrapers topple over parks and forests. While deforestation can affect animals and plants, humans are just as vulnerable to it’s consequences. Raising the next generation of children in an industrial society is a frightening thought, one I personally do not like to have!

“Okay, what can we do to help?”  The dirt documentary proved to be very interesting in terms of discussing getting “back to the basics.” The smallest changes, like removing cement pavements, planting trees, and collecting rain water, can make immense steps towards bettering the environment. It is encouraging to see people working in big inner cities, such as New York which is known for it’s pollution, to try to rectify some of the damages already. Showing different parts of the world in the documentary was important because I believe the underlying message was that dirt is what connects us. You could be a struggling art student overlooking palm trees in Florida or an adventurer hiking through a small village in India where your surroundings could not be more different, but the ground underneath your feet would still be the same. 

The above quote I have chosen to include is from DIRT the Graphic Novel. It is not so much about the physical environment, but the kind that we as people all share with similar obstacles in life. I felt the quote could not be more appropriate, and if anyone is looking for a good read I highly recommend it! 




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