The Evil Weed


The woods of New England aren’t as friendly as you thought! Recently there has been an increase in the population of spiky little monsters. These tiny devils live in the shade, hiding underneath a bush of ferns or a fallen branch, the more courageous ones slithering up trees choking it as it goes. They carry a poison that can be the death of you if you’re unlucky!

When I heard about the idea of invasive species in class it wasn’t a particular new idea, but I couldn’t for the life of me think of an example of one in my home state of New Hampshire. Now I’m sure there are many but after a little while the one that came to mind was a simple plant. Poison Ivy. My entire family is mildly allergic to the urushiol oil on the leaves of the plant. From an early age my father taught me how to identify poison Ivy, which let me tell you isn’t always the easiest thing to do. The plant must have a very large range of biodiversity because it looks slightly different every time you look at it. I remember times my dad and I would go out with a sprayer of roundup –a weed killer- and clear whole sections of poison ivy so that my brothers wouldn’t have rashes all over themselves after playing in the woods. It has been getting harder and harder to get rid of poison ivy though. Poison Ivy thrives on C02, which if you didn’t know already is slowly increasing in our world. For the nineteen years I’ve lived in New Hampshire I’ve always seen poison ivy, but now a day it seem as if the little monster of a plant is everywhere. There are no limits, on stonewalls, bushes, and in your own garden. People shrug off poison ivy because most of the time it will only give a person a small rash, but what they don’t understand is that every time you are in contact with the urushiol oil your body becomes more susceptible to it. Something will have to change or the ecosystem will go topsy-turvy, but what? I don’t really know. What do you think would fix the problem?


Image my Jeremy Edelblut


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