Science of dogs

I found this video to be quite interesting. The fact that we can make a different bred. But for me that raised the question is there really a pure bred dog? We are constantly cross breeding dogs, it would be hard to keep track of who mated with who. I have a pure bred English Bulldog, not a cheap dog. Bulldogs were bred to as bull baiters in the 1600’s. They were known for they’re jaw strength and tempers. I read that the English bulldog was a bulldog mixed with a pug, to give it the stubby body and flatter face unlike the Bulldog that resembles more of a Pitbull. So in that case wouldn’t there be no such thing as a pure bred English bulldog?



Another interesting part of this video was the part of the Russian man who bred and rebred dogs to get the perfect one. I never thought of breeding on that kind of level. I guess I never really though that almost every dog is a combination of other dogs. Mixing one with strength and another with speeding for a good hunting dog. That made me think of my dog. She is an extremely friendly dog but when played with can get aggressive. After my research I can see that she gets the aggression from the bulldog/pitbull side and her energy and her kid like manner from the pug side. 


2 thoughts on “Science of dogs

  1. Well if all the new breeds of dogs are just mix-matched species that were given names… then I suppose all the dog species just have guidelines that make them ‘pure’. I think it mentioned something along those lines in the documentary- but something interesting to consider!

  2. I’ve always wondered about this! Pure bred dogs are so expensive these days that getting a non pure bred seems like the best idea. My dog was supposed to be pure bred but wasn’t. Turns out we paid like an extra $200 for him. I think the word pure should be taken out of the whole dog breed system. It’s gotten to the point where it just doesn’t make sense anymore.

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