So I about cried tears of joy when I fond out we were watching a documentary about the genetic history of Dogs, and I’m really happy that the people in class are just as enthusiastic about dogs as I am. After Ringling, I’m planning on becoming a dog trainer and/or behaviorist. 

I knew a lot about what film covered because of my own personal research. I hadn’t known about the fox thing though. That experiment was surpirising to me not because the  results they got with the tame foxes, but their reaction to the aggresive foxes. And when I say reaction, I mean anything but. The woman scientist only commented on how aggresive the foxes were; she didn’t say anything about how they were going to rehabilitate the agrresive foxes back into the wild. Later in class there was discussion about the aggresive foxes being made into coats. Whether or not that’s true, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. Those foxes are screwed. I don’t think humans have an amazing moral compass. We try very hard, but it doesn’t always benefit the world around us. 

I wish there was more emphasis and education on breeds when owners are searching for a new pup, and on the history of the Dog the itself. If more people were more educated on dog history, we would see a decrease in the need for shelters. So many people go out and by a breed from a pet shop or a breeder and by the dog because, ” Oh my god, it’s so pretty!” They have no idea of it’s history, or what the breed was meant to do. You can’t buy a herding dog, and put in in an apartment. YOU CAN’T! Don’t do it! That’s another dog in the pound because of an irresponsible uneducated owner. 



Anyway, my slight tangent aside, the film itself proved to be very educational and furthered my knowledge in a future career. 

Yay Dogs! 



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