The Science of Dogs will end up making me bankrupt…..

After watching the science of dogs documentary there was only one thing on my mind, how cute were those pet foxes? The domesticated result seemed like a cat and a dog mixed. After the episode I gave some serious thought and research to what it would take to own one in Florida and found some very interesting things out.

 To begin with you have to get approval from the state in order to import it. If it is not found in the wild you must get the state vet to approve it. After you have gotten that done the next step is to select your type of fox from a USDA safe breeder (that means that they are bred on a ranch). And get approval from them as well as put a down payment on the fox. Also you must have backup choices of color if the one you want is taken. You don’t get to choose the gender either so it is an extra fifty bucks to make sure you get a female than a male. I personally don’t know why though, the males would have the prettier coat so their loss. You are then put on the waiting list because not only do they not ship the foxes to you, but have you drive all the way to pick them up. The company I researched was in Illinois.Then comes the waiting part, because the fox’s only breed once a year. So you have to wait till July to even pick it up!

 But that will give you plenty of time to baby proof the house. Because foxes like to chew on everything. Also if you have a reptile the fox will never trust you. Foxes and reptiles don’t mix. But you can eventually train them to use a litter box and walk on a leash. Then after you finally obtain the fox, you have its special diet to worry about, and most will recommend a special brand of chicken based organic dog food. Also it’s a good idea to make sure that your vet can work on special exotic animals so you can spay or neuter them when the time is right.  After all that you would raise it just like you would a dog. Then there is the part where you have to be 21 in order to even buy one, and considering the one you get (species) the prices can range from $425 to $600, so there is that.

 Even after all of what you would have to go through, I still find myself wanting one. So I guess I had better start saving up now so when I turn 21 I can put a down payment on a fox and then wait a whole year to get one when I’m 22.


Picture found at their website


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